Actual Item
Stone Type(s): Brazilian Emerald (Authentic)
Setting Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Size: 1 3/4"
Weight: 5.5 grams (weight measurement includes metal and gemstones).
.25 each for S&H.70. You won't find better prices on these unique pieces anywhere on the internet or in a retail store.
I didn't win the item I was bidding on, do you have anymore for sale?
Most of our jewelry is one of a kind, however there are similar items, but you will need to do a quick search in our store. You can search the same exact listing title in our store and see what comes up.
Can I have my ring resized?
We do not resize or customize the items we have for sale. A jeweler can probably resize our rings, however it's up to the discretion of the jeweler, as some rings can be damaged from being sized.
How do I convert the American ring sizes to my countries size?
What is Copper Turquoise?
Copper turquoise is a reconstructed turquoise with copper filing and color treatment.
Started in 2007, Ana Silver Co. has flourished into one of the top retailers for gemstone studded silver jewelry. We have large selections of one of kind bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces and rings. We stock over 100,000 pieces of unique jewelry, and we add new pieces to our store daily. Our jewelry is made from the finest sterling silver and high quality semi-precious stones, you will not find better quality or value with any other retailers.
At Ana Silver Co. we take great pride in providing you accurate, correctly described and authentic products.
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