Welcome to Jewelry Hallmarks!

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Jewelry Hallmarks is your online source of information about jewelry. How to determine gold purity in your gold ring, who designed or manufactured your necklace, and so on.

We might not be covering all existing hallmarks, because there are so many of them, some quite rare. We are trying to provide though the most commonly found hallmarks, which is the information most people dealing with vintage jewelry would actually need.

Jewelry-Hallmarks.com is providing people information about gold and silver markings and grades of precious metal purity.

We intend to provide explanations and better sorting with the time. Being in vintage jewelry business, the creators of this website do actually use it as their own catalogue of branded jewelry; although not being full nor accurate (yet), this catalog provides us a convenient research tool, helping to recognize vintage jewelry brands.

More Motivation and Future Plans

We are sharing our database with you, and it's only matter of time till we turn this website into (primarily vintage) jewelry encyclopedia. We want to create a voting system using which you the visitors will help us to clean up our database.

E.g., Razza brand is a great example of inaccurately advertized vintage jewelry. It's well known that not all the items advertized online as Razza are actually made by that brand. Juliana or Delizza and Elster is another example of misadvertizement, which also seems to be commonly accepted (sic!) among online shoppers. It's hardly feasible to sort out all the wrong samples manually; the online community though is capable of doing it!

With the time, we hope to turn our website into a catalog allowing instant checking of jewelry brand authenticity. Our hope is, Jewelry-Hallmarks.com will provide a useful tool for all involved in jewelry business.

Yes, mobile app is in our plans, too -- we know it will be usefull for all those seeking vintage jewelry on estate sales... but all of the above requires some work from our developers, and we are still jewelry reseller rather than software development company, so... please be patient, and stay with us!